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gaslight this.

A psychological definition of gaslighting is "an increasing frequency of systematically withholding factual information from, and/or providing false information to, the victim - having the gradual effect of making them anxious, confused, and less able to trust their own memory and perception.
Sep 12 '14
Sep 11 '14
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We live to discover.

My band, ya’ll

Sep 11 '14
"But in reading great literature I become a thousand men and yet remain myself."
C.S. Lewis (via writingquotes)
Sep 11 '14
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Feb 24 '14
This is Pabst. Voted Ugliest Dog in 2009.

This is Pabst. Voted Ugliest Dog in 2009.

Feb 22 '14
Feb 18 '14
Feb 18 '14

He introduced me to THIS BAND!

Feb 18 '14

One of my friends killed himself. We hadn’t seen each other since this Summer. He always seemed to be doing okay. He was older than me and usually you lose the desire to off yourself as you get older and realize that no matter what, life is better than the unknown, -so it was a shock to hear he had done it.

We weren’t close friends. We worked together for 5 years. Partied at each others’ houses on Fourth of July. Traded video games and stuff but he wasn’t on my shortlist for when I needed a ride or help doing something. Still, he introduced me to a lot of really good bands when I was young, dumb, and listening to terrible music.

Isn’t it funny how when we’re 18 we think we have the greatest musical taste?

I will always remember him and me closing up at work and going up to the roof to smoke a blunt and seeing all the lights of the city. The simple things.